4 comments on “Wireworm.. and not the garden pest variety!

  1. Hi Jake,

    Just wanted to let you know that having recently bought a DLSR myself, I’m enjoying reading your posts and learning a few things. I’m still just getting to grips with mine but plan to take an online photography course in the near future. Can you let me know what version of Photoshop you’re using and whether it was a one off purchase or an annual subscription?


    • Hi Ed!

      Thanks for reading, it’s nice to know someone is! What model DSLR have you got? I’m a bit jealous as you’ll have a far cooler environment to be shooting in – you’re still in Dubai right? As for Photoshop, I’m using CS5, I bought it as a one off when I was at Uni, so it’s not a recent version. If you’re looking at something slightly cheaper I can definitely recommend Lightroom though. I’ve had a little play around on a relatives Mac version an was suitably impressed, and I think you can download it for less than £100. Photoshop is probably far too powerful for what I’d ever use it for, but slowly getting to grips with it. I found some really useful videos on YouTube for introduction to DSLRs, and also some Photoshop tutorials – if you search for Mike Browne Photography you should find a whole series of them. Good luck 🙂 looking forward to seeing some of your pictures! Cheers


  2. Hi Jake,

    I opted for the EOS 70D in the end, it was a toss up between that and the Nikon d5300 but after I had handled both I much preferred the feel of the Canon! I didn’t think I would like a touchscreen but it’s surprisingly good. Yeah still in Dubai which is great, just need to find the time to get out and take more shots. I’m moving to Zambia in March though which is the main reason behind spending more than I wanted on the camera – I really wanted one that was weather sealed and also had a good fps rate due to the wildlife I’m hoping to see! Thanks for the info on the editing software and the YouTube vids I’ll be sure to check them out. I noticed you mentioned that a macro lens is on your wishlist, have you looked into getting a macro reversing ring (http://www.eos-magazine.com/articles/macro/reversevision.html)? They don’t seem to sell them out here but it could be a good low cost alternative with similar results to an expensive lens.
    I look forward to your upcoming posts!


    • Wow, plenty of things in your reply to make me jealous Ed! Very impressed with 70D, I didnt even look at that spec of camera when I chose mine – it wasn’t quite in my price bracket, I was looking at a entry level – if I keep up my interest then I will probably upgrade my camera body at some point! I remember Rich saying to you moving to Zambia, just wasn’t sure if you’d moved already! You’ll get some amazing shots (in both Dubai and Zambia) – if your pictures turn out too good I may have to pay a visit!! Thanks for that link on the reversing ring, at £7.50 its definitely worth a shot, i’ll do some more reading around them and if I get one i’ll let you know what its like!

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