2 comments on “Still Life in the Pouncing Cat

  1. Hi Jake, first of all thank you very much – you comment flashing up on my phone made me smile. Smiles were rare today as I’m having a difficult day – if you have read my comments over the last few weeks you might already know why… if not you might well do when you check out todays picture later on!

    I have had a look through some of your shots on here and must say you’re doing a fine job yourself, some brilliant shots and ideas are being created! I was very pleased to see the leaping Jaguar when I got on your blog as they are probably my favourite cars and have been for some time.

    Going back to the 365… Some days are difficult, inspiration can be hard especially being stuck in the same routine – going to work the same way, doing the same things there and then driving back the same way. Just stop off, look our for things or even go a different way home! Best thing to remember is you’re never too far away from a picture!

    Anyway, keep up the good work and thanks for the feedback – I know some people follow me and like my pictures on a daily basis, but I don’t often get comments. I wish you all the best for the project and will be following you every step of the way!


    • Thanks for the kind words Kyle! I know what you mean about getting comments. I said to myself when I set up this blog, I wasn’t bothered if anyone followed me and that I was just doing it for myself, but i’d be lying if I said I dont enjoy it when someone likes my posts! But it’s even better to be able to talk to people about it. You are the first person that I don’t actually know to comment on my blog – so thanks!

      Thats good advice about changing the routine, I’ve been out looking for shots in the same places recently so I need to definitely expand my horizons!

      Found some time to go back through some of your olders posts – and Im glad to see you are using photography to stay positive in difficult times. It can be good to clear your mind, I certainly know I find it very peaceful when out and about searching for the shot.

      All the best mate – i’ll try and chip in with the odd comment or two when I can!

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